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GED Prep Classes

In North Dakota, you need to take and pass the entirely revamped GED exam to earn your HSE (High School Equivalency) diploma. The GED examination now includes four separate tests that are set up at the level of education that high school seniors get in four years of high school.  The four tests that the new GED exam comes with are on the academic fields of:  Literacy, Math, Social Studies, and Science.

At first, in 2014, the passing score was set at a high level, 150 points on each of the four GED tests.  This appeared not realistic in comparison to what high school seniors need to know upon graduation, so the passing score was reduced to 145 points in early 2016.   

GED Study Guide Books

GED books can be ordered online:

  • Steck-Vaughn
  • Kaplan
  • Common Core Achieve
  • Scoreboost